Illuminator, like the name suggests illuminates the skin instantly. It gives your skin nice amount of radiance, dewiness and drama to every skin type and complexion when applied correctly. Vanish your dullness easily with light-capturing crystals and photo chromatic pigments.It gives you even skin tone and healthy glow. Brands like Inglot, Revlon and Mac has high array of illuminators.

Versatile use of Illuminator

  • You can wear it and mix it with your foundation and BB creams
  • You can highlight your cheek bones, forehead, chin and your nose area
  • You can even mix it with your moisturizer to get instant glow
  • The minute you blend it you will get a an icey dewy finish
  • It gives you a very natural sheen
  • It has a water base so it is easily apply on your skin

How to apply Illuminator?

Whether you are putting it with a BB cream or Foundation or with a moisturizer .Start it by dabbing along the top of the cheekbone and blending it out just above your eyebrow by using your fingers or blend it with a blending brush. After that take it down at the centre of your nose, middle of your forehead and chin area. Apply it to the lip area which helps in your lips appear bigger, particularly if you’re wearing nude lipstick or clear gloss.

If you’re planning to wear it with more than one cheek product like say your are wearing it with bronzer, blusher and pressed powder you can start by applying bronzer to the hollow of your cheeks (make a fish face to find your hollow zone), then put press powder and put blush on the fleshy part of your cheeks and then finally apply illuminator along the top of your cheekbone (just under the eye area).

apply illumiantor

illuminator colors range

Now get dewy, glowing and younger looking skin in couple of minutes.