Play up your eyes, one more time, every time. This is the magic of an eye makeup. You cannot resist without defining and highlighting your eyes. You are never old enough to sharpen your eye makeup skills.

It’s not you, it’s your eyes.

Four basic ways to do eye makeup:

  • With brown/black eyeliner make a line close to your upper lashes. Following it with a matte earthy or brown tones eye shadow along with the crease of your eye lid. Then brush a paler shade of earthy or toned brown matte eye shadow on your eye lid. Make sure you crease the lid as it makes your eyes look bigger.


  • Curl your eye lashes and mascara. In case your eye lashes are short, don’t worry. Fix it up by applying thickening mascara and not the length increasing one, as that will weigh your eye lashes down.



  • Now to make your eyes look bigger create a thin line around your inner lower eye lid. Correctly choose the eye liner shade according to your choice and skin tone.


  • Lastly, apply cream blush in less quantity under your brow bone. Make sure you blend it down towards the crease of your eye lid. Always remember adding blush to your eye lids, complements the blush of your cheekbones, glowing your overall face.



These are the basic to-do’s of eye makeup. Best for beginners guide. There won’t be any chances of you failing to do eye makeup like a pro! Get your hands on to your eye makeup palate and get started.

Ways to fix eyes with eye makeup:

  • Improve your tired eyes, conceal your tired looking eyes with a liquid light reflecting concealer that claims to brighten and lift up your under eye area.


  • Mascara’s key, while applying mascara wiggle the mascara wand back and forth at the base of eye lashes. Remember, it’s the mascara near the roots that gives illusion of length and not the tips of the eye lashes.



  • Eyebrow enhancing, fill in the scattered eye brows with a wax formulated pencil. That matches your eye brows hair colour. Remember to use short and light strokes.


  • Eye shadow ruse, matte eye powder is great for classic texture and also it goes with all skin types. Best for beginners. Try to go natural shade during the day time.



  • Easiest eye shadow trick, run a slanted brush over an eye shadow. Then apply a fine line along with the upper lash line.


  • Hack for blue eyes, complemented the look, rich brown eye liners goes best with blue eyes. So apply rich brown colour eye liner or eye shadow to highlight and sharpen the blue eyes.



  • Single eye shadow ruse, layer it heavily around the eye lash line. Blending it softly so that it fades off naturally at the crease line.


  • Strike purple, shades of purple like lavender, deep purple, violet etc. highlights your eyes even more. For liner, choose shades like soft gold and pinks that mixes well with the type of purple shade used.



  • Call pink, feminine colour, apply it for an eye shadow look. It appears fresh and healthy colour look. Don’t forget to give lashes an edge lining with a dark pencil.


  • Party ready eyes; don’t call out for dark colours. Rather create a pretty chic look by using glittery/shimmery taupe shades in creamy eye shadow. And applying two coats of mascara.



  • Eyes attraction, this one is simple yet elegant. Apply dark eye shadow where eye brow meets the crease. That is all. Simple enough. Pop your eyes now.


With all these amazing eye makeup fixes. We have come to an end. Not literally to an end, the eye makeup still has to slay many hearts. So why wait? Get on and wonderstruck your eyes.

-bold is beautiful and so does my eyes.