Epaulettes are trending like anything and are huge comeback in vogue. Epaulette is an ornamental shoulder piece or decoration used as an insignia of noble rank. In several armies, especially Europeans armies’ epaulettes are also worn by all ranks of elite or parade. This style is dynamic and is often used to accentuate blouses, sheath dresses, blazers and crop jackets.

The fixation with this popular fashion style has a long history, tracing its contemporary lineage from the ’60s, and serving for much of the subsequent decade as emblements of antiwar protest. “When I was a teenaged punk rock kid in the 1970s, we were into military fashion because it was ironic,” said Rick Klotz, the founder of Warriors of Radness, a uniform-influenced California label. “We were dressing like military skinheads because we were fiercely antiwar.

Today, epaulettes have been replaced by a five-sided flap of cloth called a shoulder broad, which is mainly sewn into the shoulder seam with the end buttoned like an epaulette. From the shoulder board was developing: a flat cloth tube that is worn over the shoulder strap and carries embroidered or pinned-on rank insignia. The interesting advantages of this are the ability to easily change the insignia as occasions warrant. Airline pilot uniform shirts generally include cloth flattened tubular epaulettes which having a cloth or bullion braid stripes, attached by shoulder straps integral to the shirts. The rank of the wearer is rewarded and designated by the number of stripes: Traditionally four for captain, three for first officer (copilot), two for Second Officer (flight engineer). Perhaps, rank insignia are airline defined. For instances, at some airlines, two stripes denote junior first officer and one stripe second officer (cruise or relief pilot). Airline captains’ uniform caps usually will have a braid pattern on the bill.

Sure, the shoulder pad is one of those products that have intended to convey all the right things: Power! Dynamic! Confidence!

Many trendy Epaulettes include feathers, chains, and chunky beads.  Now days it is hipper than ever and are back in vogue to stay.