1. Dyeing your hair makes it dry and weak– An absolute myth, it depends how you do the after care, once you get your hair color done. Its’ all about using the right hair products and following the proper hair regime. Use ammonia free colors, when getting your hair color done. Avoid over high lighting your hair especially if you have thin and fine hair.
  2. Coloring your tresses leads to premature greys– Coloring your hair never leads to premature graying. It is just a myth. In fact premature greying is hereditary or often related to the stress and anxiety.
  3. Coloring your hair when you are pregnant is dangerous-Relax ladies, it is absolutely fine and safe. According to various researchers using hair dye while pregnancy is absolutely safe because the body doesn’t absorb the chemicals in greater significant amounts. If you are still apprehensive ask your hair stylist to start applying the color a little farther away from your roots than usual.
  4. You should use color-protective shampoo and conditionerRead the color box carefully before dyeing your hair. Shampoos and conditioners made for color-treated hair are more nourishing and enriching than regular products. They also help protect against fading caused by water exposure. So it works well for hair after you color it. So a good shampoo and a good conditioner is a must have after you dye your tresses.
  5. Using hair color can lead to permanent hair loss problem-It is just another myth .The truth is color treatments do not cause permanent hair loss. Over-processed or over highlighted hair is certainly prone to breakage and split ends, so remember to consult a color expert before undergoing any drastic major treatments.

Now done your look perfectly and freely keeping aside all the preset apprehensions.