We all have been here, fixing up our look. Locking-up foundation, concealer to our skin. So that the makeup doesn’t get cakey after some time. And honestly, this has been really a tough job to act on.

To cling on the makeup and not cakey, there are certain needs which have to aptly followed. There is no doubt about the amazing job that concealers, foundations, blushes and powders does in rendering a flawless makeup look. But the trouble is the excess of the product. And trust me sweets, even the slightest of excess or extra of a product can cause you near to the cakey look.

The vital reason here for the cakey makeup is the lavish use of products. Let’s consider how to circumvent to fix the cakey-ness of makeup.

Avoiding tips of cakey makeup:

To begin with, we must make sure how our makeup is looking and then noting down the problematic areas we must set our focal in fixing them.

  • Make sure there is no excess of oil present on skin, if there’s oil then you’re surely going to see your makeup at cakey position. Remove the excess oil from your skin/face. After you have applied foundation and concealer take an oil blotting sheet or even a tissue, to remove any excess oil or product.
  • Use puff with a colourless powder, pour some translucent loose powder on the centre of the puff and dab it on the area required. Make sure you’re applying a colourless powder. Tinted powder here can welcome little more trouble for you. Whereas, a translucent powder will friend zone it.
  • Use puff in taco style, yes! Girls you heard it right. Taco style. With this style, it is a lot easier to remove what is not required and add what is needed. By rubbing the two sides of puff in taco shape. You make the powder absorb in the puff more making sure that there is no excessive of any product applied onto your skin.
  • Folding taco in other direction and repeating the same
  • Check again and knock off excess if any, before proceeding make sure the oil and excess product has been kicked off entirely. Once you’re sure move forward. In case, you find areas which needs your attention. Give your attention to it. Use the puff from its edges gently to remove. Else you can also clean your puff once and then start removing the excess product.
  • Finish off with setting spray, use spray which is especially for setting up the makeup. Don’t use it by spraying it too close to your skin and yourself that it spreads everywhere even onto your hair. Be careful here! Setting spray will make you look fresh and enhance skin’s glow and boost it up. Nevertheless setting spray will lock-in the makeup even more. Say bye to cake face.


After all these tips, if you’ll look in the mirror and day ‘Wow! I look beautiful’. I am sure that you’ll say the same when you re-check your look. No more cake looks. Hoots! You’ve fixed your makeup without fretting and messing it up. Quick, easy and simple. Go bold and confident with your no-cakey makeup look.

Always remember, like you need staying power in life when thunderstorms are around, just the same way your makeup too needs a staying power. Without staying power and suitable products it will melt down leaving cakey look for you. So always hold on to makeup with lots of staying power products. This is the little secret, which is no more a secret. Cats are out of the bag, my girl. Now watch your back and glimmer all the way.