From buying makeup from a swanky store to choose it from an online store you have to do it smartly and effectively. There is a saying beauty lies in the eye of beholder…. And these days in the vanity of a smart shopper also. There are makeups buying mistakes we are all prone to. With some smart makeup guide one can easily combat these common shopping misses.

  • Choose your tool smartly: The tools which we use for makeup are as vital as choosing right makeup and shades. So invest in good blending brush, blenders, sponges and a highlighting stick.
  • Palettes and shades are essential: color corrector, makeupcorrecter, a good primer, nude palette are very essential.
  • Also invest in beauty blotting papers, lash curler and a pair of good quality of tweezers.
  • Invest in trusted faux lashes, eye pigments, BBcream, neutral lips shades and tinted moisturizer
  • For e-commerce shoppers: Remember certain points when buying online. When choosing a lip shade or nail paint don’t rely upon the swatches you see on screen. Its best to check the shade codes online. Also it’s important you always buy brands from trusted websites as the online market is infested with first copies. Read reviews before making your mind
  • Storage of makeup: storage of makeup is very essential. Invest in a good vanity box. Also labeling can help you compartmentalize like a pro. Use washi tape to code your lip shades. If you are good in art and craft you can recycle and recreate your own storage box.
  • Donot get duped at flea market and play with your skin: In flea markets you can easily find copies of luxe makeup. Buying makeup from here can be tricky and even be hazardous for your skin considering the amount of chemicals in the products. Since it’s really difficult to figure out the authenticity of makeup product so opt and shop for dedicated stores instead of flea market.

Hope these tips help you shop like a PRO.