This new age neon makeup trend is blustering up on Instagram. For sure, it isn’t the first time we’ve seen people wearing neon, but some makeup artists are taking it to another level. Neon stroking is the new age makeup. It’s trending on the runway. Neon makeup can be a chasing conquest. The peppy, fluorescent fuchsias, lime greens may look gorgeous in their respective pots and frames, but the second they hit your face, the shades can become super glossy and the bit too much the application needs to subtle down when doing it on day to day basis.

Well, this summer, turns head with the vivid-makeup game of fluorescent coloring. Instead of the over-the-top color pops subtle it down with mix and match shades poppy and charcoal can look amazing in cut crease look. Make it more wearable with upgrading your creamy pastels, giving them a neon bite. The best part? These shades are so much easier to wear.

To prove it, we enlisted a few Neon makeup trends which are trending in Insta and  Pinterest. Guru Janessa Paré, who offered up this makeup advice, says: “The most important factor in pulling off vivid colors like this is your skin,” Interesting wear it like a pro. “Even though this may look like swipe-on-and-go makeup, you really need to take a second to make sure your base makeup and your skin are in good shape.” Like in any other makeup, prep is important.

Once you’ve got your foundation and base under control, you can dive right into your bright war of color electric daytime or evening look. Stepping out at night? These updated neon’s transition beautifully for evenings as well. Yes, they’re that versatile.

You may just astonish yourself wondering why you ever feared fluorescent in the first place.  You can choose from variety of shades like Electric Lavender.

Quick Tip:  You may be wearing a bright lip shade, like Electric Lavender Keep the rest of the makeup warm and less dramatic. Other shades with which you can experiment are lime green, tangyorange, deeppurple, aquamarine, apricot and acid green and other bright colors. With the following makeup ideas, have your own color riots.