Hey boys! Today I am going to tell you about some easy and amazing hairstyle ideas for college boys. Yeah! I know that boys and especially college goers do not prefer to spend much time on hair but guys, these hairstyles are not time consuming and are very popular among teens. So I think you should have a look on this list if you are willing to overcast in your college;college boys hairstyles

  • Short hair – I suggest college going boys to carry this hairstyle because it is simple and sober. It is the perfect hairstyle for you if you want to look fierce then get this look for a rough tough look.
  • Side swept hair – although this is a very basic hairstyle but instead of getting stuck in any complicated haircut, this is a far better choice for college boys.
  • Medium length curls – if you have medium length hair then you have an amazing chance to flaunt your curls with style. This hairstyle is going to suit you most if you have oval shape or long shape face.
  • A short spike – spiky hairstyle is one of the trendiest men’s hairstyles and is hugely popular among boys and especially teenagers. I am not suggesting you to carry heavy spikes, but a short spike settled with gel is a cool hairstyle idea for college students.
  • Longer top with shorter sides – this hairstyle is going to suit you if you have sharp features. This is also known as a classic haircut. Basically it is shorter from sides and hairs are longer from the top.
  • Fringes for boys – fringes are useful not only for girls but for boys also as you can conceal your wide forehead with smart fringes. Consult a hairstyle expert for carrying this style as it does not suit on everyone.