Hi girls! Today we are going to talk about the most popular and trendiest hair styles which are supposed to be most suitable on college going girls. Well I totally understand that no one would like to spend so much time to set her hairstyle everyday and especially if she is getting late for her classes. So here is a list of easy hairstyle ideas for you. Take a look;popular college hairstyle

college girls hairstyles

  • Trendy fishtail side braid – this hairdo is becoming hugely popular among women. In fact you can see so many actresses wearing this hairstyle in public events. It is a great choice for a sophisticated college hairstyle.
  • Simple and elegant pony tail – an ultimate solution of hairstyle issues! When you are confused about your hairdo and do not have time, then a simple pony tail is your solution as it suits on every face shape.
  • Cool wavy hair – no need to worry if you do not have straight hair as you can flaunt your curly wavy hair also.
  • Side braid hairdo – this is especially for girls with straight medium hair. You can keep your hair open with a with a simple side braid.
  • Twisted hairdo – by twisting your hair, instead of making a braid is also a great idea to make your boring pony little interesting. Just like side braid, you can twist your hair and then add it to your pony or simply clip it near the pony tail.
  • Low side pony tail – this hairstyle is acquired by so many girls with medium and long hair. Especially girls with long hair tie a low pony on a side and keep the hair on shoulder. Isn’t it cool?
  • Half-tie hairdo – this one is my favorite. You can carry this hairdo in all kinds of hair. You can back tie half of your hair whether you have curly or straight hair. It can go with modern wear and as well as traditional wear.
  • Side swept bangs with ordinary hair – this is the best hairdo for those girls who have broad forehead. You can have straight or wavy or curly hair with this classy and forehead concealing side swept bangs.





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