With excessive sweat and wrong products especially in summer can make your makeup fall apart. Your skin needs to breathe in summers and more makeup you pile on it, the more it will sweat off. To avoid patchy foundation, runny mascara or spread eyeliner follow are summers essential makeup tips.

  • Carry a mist or a makeup sealer to adhere to your makeup all day without falling to prey to sweat.
  • Stick to simple hairdos, up-do’s and ponytails or braids whenever possible.
  • Use eye pigments instead of shadows
  • Avoid excise heavy base for your skin
  • Use strobing technique to highlight your face
  • BB creams work wonders in the summers so invest in a good BB cream
  • The trick is to apply a very light coat of makeup , one that accentuates your features naturally.
  • Use sunscreen mist instead of traditional ones especially if your applying makeup
  • Keep a handy makeup pouch with your essentials so that you can fix your makeup easily
  • A good prep is must in summers
  • Glossy lips shades are best for summers
  • Use hydrating wipes aloe or peppermint based that helps keeping your skin feeling soft
  • Opt for oil free foundations
  • Apply regular pencil or gel liner, then used a small angled brush to press dark shadow over the liner to set it for a longer  wear
  • Play with pastels and vibrant colors
  • Shell in for a good waterproof mascara


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Image courtesy: minikittourbeauty