Though wide forehead is sometimes considered as a sign of good luck but when it comes to looks, then a wide forehead sometimes seems weird. If you have a broad forehead, do not be upset about this. Below some tips are given, with the help of which you can hide your broad forehead;

  • Central parting with elegant layers – you should carry an elegant layered haircut because it distracts the attention from wide forehead. Central parting would help you to balance the layered hairstyle.Central parting with elegant layers
  • Feather bangs with flaunting waves – wavy hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyle trends of this season. With wavy hairs, get feathery bangs to hide your broad forehead.Feathered-Bangs
  • Straight front fringes (especially for long hair) – this hairstyle is getting very popular now a day. According to me this is a perfect hairstyle for those who have long hair with a wide forehead. If you have long hair, then select straight front fringes to hide your forehead.Straight front fringes
  • Classy side swept bangs – well! This is one of my most favorite hairstyles. It is an ultimate solution for broad forehead with round or oval face. In fact I think side swept bangs will suit on any face shape. Isn’t it?Classy side swept bangs
  • Stylish asymmetrical fringes – asymmetrical fringes are said to be a Chinese hairstyle. Besides this fact, it is a great idea to hide the broad forehead in such a stylish way with these multi – length fringes.Stylish asymmetrical fringes
  • Appealing eye makeup – if you wear an appealing eye makeup then it brings the attention from forehead to eyes. So sassy eye makeup is also an easy way to conceal wide forehead.Appealing eye makeup
  • Face contouring by makeup – face contouring makeup with bronzer is a makeup trick to conceal broad forehead.Face contouring by makeup
  • No tight hairdos – avoid tight pony tails and buns as they highlight the forehead.No tight hairdos