We have seen it happen! The world has already drooled over the vintage makeup era.  And guess what? It’s not over yet. Vintage makeup era is still alive and drives us crazy to strike those beautiful looks again. Re-live the vintage.

Vintage makeup is never going out of fashion. The term ‘evergreen’ is aptly used for the vintage era. Things were so different and simple yet elegant. So was the makeup. Not much of fancy products and accessories were there for makeup. All they had was organic and basic tricks and ways to lock a makeup look.

We cannot say that vintage makeup is not famous in today’s time or it’s not done by much people. You’ll still see vintage makeup fans around. Celebrity singers like Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey have flaunted vintage makeup look.

When it comes to re-creating the forties or sixties look, it’s actually considered defining art form. Not forgetting, if you see closely the vintage makeup looks you will realize something bizarre about those bold and fleek brows and shaped perfectly red lips. All of it appears so flawless, glowing and sculpted finely. As if the heroine was born with it.

Over the years, the vintage makeup look has never seen a day where it’s not been talked about. The world has crush on these beautiful vintage makeup hacks. The styles of forties, fifties, sixties to nineties era makeup got its identity and love shed worldwide. From our heroines to all of us, makeup is the constant accessory we have kept close like our bff.

Vintage style makeup ideas are as follows:

  • Pastels colour palate, pastels literally ruled the vintage era. From pale pink to peaches and cream shades. Once Audrey Hepburn said, ‘I believe in pink’. And this is how pink shades were popular. So if you’re thinking to style up vintage way, do apply some pink shades, pale pink, peach and cream shades too! Later on, it was observed that the red-orange, red-pink, pinks, purple-red shades taking the stage over.


  • Complexion had pastels too, here again; pale skin was in trend and pastel hues following in powders. Famous brand of vintage era were, Elizabeth Arden and Max Factor. Gracious was the goal for using foundations. The look was complete with a peach coloured powder or you can also call it a fresh face look.



  • Essential eyes, with minimal eye shadow applied. Where, mascara was everyone daily-favourite accessory. Coming to eyeliner, soft line yet defining one was applied. Along with the upper lash line and then taking it out in an arch shape, opening the eyes. Maybelline was the leading brand for mascara.

-With little bit of mascara & vodka anything can happen – Unknown

  • Rouge look, rosy and pastel hues were mostly applied to the apples of cheeks giving the look final touch.

Keeping in mind these trends have ruled and made the evergreen makeup looks the highlight for all the eras. Let’s get a quick recall about the vintage makeup tips. Because, forgetting is a bad habit and you must quit it. xoxo

Vintage makeup looks at glance,

Foundation – A cream ivory base/cream or liquid foundation that are near to natural skin colour.

Powders– brushed on fresh/pastel hue coloured powder to set.

Eyes – littleeye shadow on lid – taped out to shimmering pale brow and mascara boldly applied out.

Eyeliner – the wing effect or the cat-eye effect.

Rouges – pastel and rose colours applied to the apple of the cheek.

Lips – pink and peach/cream shades giving the leaping smile effect.


Wing up your eyes, dab some peach fresh powder, rouge your cheeks pink and leap out the fuchsia dazzling smile. Cause girl, you were born to behold vintage.


When life gives you lemon, apply more of pink lipstick – Unknown