In winters makeup can look patchy and cakey often when done with wrong products. Moisturizing is a key when starting with the base of the makeup. A heavy layer of foundation can smudge in winters making your skin look patchy. Use a tinted moisturizer before applying foundation. Bring off sooty smudges and smears by applying waterproof mascara, and use eyeliner and shadow on the upper lids only. Seal it with an eye-makeup sealer.

If you have cracked, flaky, chapped lips, stick with an enriching lip balm that contains sunscreen. If your lips are in good condition you can opt for moisturizing lipstick, but avoid matte or long-wearing lipstick formulas as they can be drying and cracked.

 Add winter glow onto your cheeks: Don’t forget to blush on.It’ll make a dry, washed-out face come to life. Sweep a soft, peachy-hued (for fair skin) or warm salmon-toned (for darker skin) blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your cheekbones to have that perfect glow.

Get rid of dry, flaky skin naturally by applying a creamy, hydrating mask (or a rich night cream) to your face for 5 to 10 minutes. Press a facial tissue on your face to absorb any excess and apply a good moisturizer afterwards.

Instead of heavy coverage, in winters opt for light coverage. When your skin changes, it’s also important to see what works for your skin. For instance one can opt for BB cream instead of foundations.

The smartest trick is to blend all your edges with a damp Beauty Blender .

Using a setting spray is always the perfect finish, but take it one step further when you’re trying to hydrate with MAC fixer.

The cold chilly months gives you a chance to experiment with luscious warmer tones like wines, plums which might be too dark to wear in the vibrant summertime. Also, dry, flaky skin remains a persistent problem that needs to be taken care of. However, a few simple make up tips can help you look gorgeous round the clock, even it is numbing cold outside.

Image credit: readers digest